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Ayurveda - traditional Indian medicine - draws on more than 3000 years of wisdom from eastern cultural and spiritual practices to improve our physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

There's never been a better time to look to Ayurveda for guidance on returning to good health and building towards healthy habits and behaviours.

I offer a range of additional solutions to support you through your current situation. Mediation, Professional Supervision, Parenting & Post Separation Parenting are all available.

Please Reach Out to enquire further about how I can support you.

I offer a range of services to help guide you through your life situations. You can learn more about what I currently offer below. The following people are who I am able to support:


Mental Health




Additional Services

Many things in life can affect our mental health. We can end up feeling very down, fearful, and suffering from our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Whatever you’re experiencing, I can help you understand what's happening, and how to manage your thoughts and feelings - leading you towards an improved life and relationships.  

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