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Counselling and Wellness

Bachelor of Social Work | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

| Registered Member Australian Association of Social Workers

| Diploma of Ayurveda

It can be very hard to take the step to choose a counsellor and its hard to know if you will feel comfortable with them until you’ve met them and spent time in a session.


Not everyone gets along with everyone else – that’s entirely natural.  Getting on with your counsellor and feeling that they understand you and feeling confident that they can help is really important.


I have been counselling for over twenty years.  I have worked with a very wide range of children, young people, adults, groups, couples and families.


I have supported my clients with most of the issues, situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviour you can imagine.


I have worked in government departments and non government services.  


I have helped people who feel anxious, depressed or both.  Others have had mood swings, or using self-harm to cope or thinking of or have attempted suicided.  Sometimes people have a diagnosis from a doctor and sometimes not.


I have worked a lot with people who have diagnoses such as ADHD, ASD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia.


Some people have had addictions to eating, gambling, spending, work etc.


I have a special interest and experience in working with couples and groups.


I am a trained mediator/family dispute resolution practitioner and can also work with the children in a family.  I can help when couples are together and when they have separated.


These are a few of the areas I can help you with – please reachout and check in with me about the area you are struggling with. 


I am trained in many ways of understanding and helping you to understand your life and the way it is affecting you.  My training and experience will help us work out ways for you to feel supported and to feel better.  


I am a Social Worker.  Not everyone knows what social workers do and how they compare to psychologists.


Social workers and psychologists do study and practice in a range of areas – but when it comes to counselling psychologists and social workers - the training is similar and one is not better than the other.  


Social Workers can also be recognised for working in the field of mental health and having a high level of knowledge, skill and experience.  This is called a mental health accreditation and I have that qualification.


There are many ways to help people in counselling sessions and while some people like to be able to talk about things others can benefit the use of sandplay and other art and creative therapy.  Sandplay and other creative therapies are great ways to explore for adults and children and can provide great insights and healing. 


First sessions are a time to get to know each other.  It is important that you feel you are comfortable with coming to a new place and talking to someone you don’t know about things that are worrying out.


Sometimes a single session can be a great help and sometimes it is best to attend a few or many sessions.  It depends on what you want to discuss and explore.


My practice is home-based.  Clients say they enjoy the drive out to Karalee and the peaceful and quite surroundings.


You may also wish to use phone or video conference. 

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