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Counselling and Wellness

Bachelor of Social Work | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

| Registered Member Australian Association of Social Workers

| Diploma of Ayurveda


About our Practice

You may come for one or more sessions.  It depends on what you want to discuss and explore.  Initial session/s include time to get to know and trust the therapist, the environment and what happens in a session. 


It is an opportunity to talk about what is worrying you.  There is no rush to disclose and it can be best to take your time.

The sessions will generally last for 60mins.  It may take longer if there are extra things to discuss or if issues arise that are best explored during the current session.


Attending our Practice

Sessions are available face to face, or online. If you are visiting our practice please review the information below related to your attendance

  • Parking is available in the cul-de-sac. Please walk up to the front door from there.

  • If you bring someone with you who chooses to stay during the session they are welcome to wait in either of the waiting areas or in the front yard. 

  • Exceptions for drop off/pick up are where there are mobility or weather issues

  • There are bathroom/toilet facilities inside the building for use of clients and others waiting

  • Waiting options are - in the front entrance or inside the building in the office area to the right of the front door.  

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