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Counselling and Wellness

Bachelor of Social Work | Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

| Registered Member Australian Association of Social Workers

| Diploma of Ayurveda

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Many things in life can affect our mental health. We can end up feeling very down, fearful, and suffering from our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. ​

Each Session


per hour


Sessions are available by face to face, phone or video calls. My practice is located in Karalee, Queensland. I am able to offer Medicare rebates, as well as support privately funded sessions.

When you're ready, book an appointment below, or reachout if you have additional questions.


* Medicare and Private clients only. Professional and government packages may attract a higher rate based on their referral

Please note that Group or Family appointments (including child/teenagers) Require an individual session first at the individual rate above with each partner and/or the parent/guardian as an assessment and review.

Session Information

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Counselling can support you to cope with the present and prepare you for the future.  It can include learning about both yours and other people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  A lot of people come to counselling when they have reached a point of crisis and this can be a time that motivates and energises you to reach out.

The number and duration of counselling sessions will depend on each individual’s situation.  Rarely are issues fully resolved in one session.  Your counsellor can discuss and plan sessions with you.  

Counselling involving children achieves best results where parents are actively involved.  An intake session with one or both parents will be required for child counselling. (Please see note re fees)

Counselling involving couples and families can be very powerful and requires special processes and skills which can be explained to you.

There are a range of approaches that can assist with your counselling process.  This will be tailored to suit the client and the issues being resolved. 


Counselling can include –


  • talking to someone who can listen, remain objective and empathic and offer professional guidance and wisdom

  • creative expression – sandtray or art therapy

  • education – understanding thoughts, behaviour, relationships, parenting, values, beliefs

  • family therapy or mediation with one or more others to resolve communication and relationship problems 

  • developing skills to manage your behaviour or to communicate – this could include breathing, meditation or self awareness 

  • role plays to practice new skills or gain insight 


Whether you achieve your goals for counselling – the reason you came - will mostly be influenced by the relationship you have with your counsellor.  This is called the therapeutic alliance and through trust, open communication and commitment this therapeutic relationship supports exploration of yourself and the relationships and situations that have brought you to counselling. 


Sessions normally last for 60 minutes.  First sessions and intake sessions often require a longer session.  Complex situations also can benefit from a longer initial session.  

If you would like a longer session please arrange this when making your appointment.  

Personal Information

We collect information that will help us identify you and your records, and to assist with planning and review of your counselling sessions and progress.  Session notes are also kept for this purpose.  

Personal details and contact information will be required for scheduling, communication and billing.

We may contact you with changes to policy including changes to fees and processes.  

We will store this information securely either electronically or in physical storage and in accordance with privacy legislation.  

You can request to see your information and there is a process for that request.

Your information will be kept private and confidential except in certain circumstances listed below where there is - 

  • a subpoena issued by a court and failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious risk to life, health or safety


  • your prior approval to provide a written or verbal report to another professional or service.   Wherever possible non-identifying information or minimal information will be shared.  Only relevant information will be shared


  • a risk of harm to either yourself or another person or property.  Your counsellor will discuss this with you if possible and seek assistance from others where required


  • a requirement by law for disclosure

Your situation may be discussed with another person in order to gain additional professional opinion which will support your counselling goals.  Such discussions will protect your identity and privacy. 


Appointments are best made in advance to ensure continuity of your sessions.  Cancellations can be made with no fee applicable if 48hrs notice is given.  A partial 50% fee will apply for cancellations made with 24hrs notice.  

For cancellations made with less than 24hrs notice a full fee will be payable.  


You may receive a reminder text/call/email.  You can opt out of reminders.  Not receiving a reminder does not exclude you from remembering or bearing full cost if cancellation notice is not given.

Fees and Rebates

Debit/credit card details will be requested when you complete your intake form.


Your information will be entered into Halaxy – our safe and secure system.


For your convenience payments are made automatically during your session.  Your invoice will be sent to you without delay.  


If you are claiming a Medicare Rebate this means a faster return of your rebate.


Professional Fees​

You may be able to claim part or full fees from a number of sources following payment – this may include Medicare, NDIS, Private health insurance etc.  Please enquire with your organisation.


These fees are subject to change. You will be given two weeks notice of changes.


Individual Counselling:        $180 per hour 

Family counselling:             $200 per hour per session

Intake sessions:                  $180 per hour per person (couple/group/parents)

(parent intake sessions are required for child counselling and the fee may be claimed as part of a GP Mental Health Care Plan however this will count as one of the sessions allocated under the plan)


Travel:                                fees by negotiation 

Reports/letters:                  fees by negotiation

Please discuss this when you become aware of the requirement so this can be negotiated and planned for 

Medicare Rebate 

Currently the rebate from Medicare for standard >50 min sessions held in rooms or by phone or teleconference is $82.30 as at 7/1/24.  For other fees and to ensure you have current information please refer to Services Australia. Your rebate from Medicare may increase if you have reached your medicare safety net threshold.


You will need to arrange a Mental Health Care Plan from your General Practitioner to access this rebate.  If you are still to arrange this please note that you will need to book a longer session with your GP to arrange this. 


Please ensure my name - “Cheree McGarry – Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)” is noted on the plan/referral letter to enable the Medicare rebate to be processed.


At the end of the session your receipt will be forwarded to you and you can submit this to Medicare either in person or online/through MYGOV for your rebate.


To enable your Medicare rebate to be processed you will need to enter your Medicare card details on the intake form provided after initial contact - so that your sessions can be verified by Medicare.  


If the client is a child under 14yrs of age - please ensure you have added both the child and parent/guardian medicare details on the intake form.


Private Health Insurance/NDIS Rebate 

You may be able to receive a payment for the whole or part of the fees from your private health insurance provider.  Please check with your provider as this varies.  You cannot claim from both Medicare and your private health insurance provider.

You may be able to claim the whole or part of your fees from other funding such as NDIS.  Please check this prior to your session. 


If you have been pleased with your service please let us know.  Sometimes, it is difficult to raise concerns.  We hope you will feel comfortable to speak to us should you wish to discuss the service we provide.  


Alternatively, you can speak to the AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers) which is the professional body for Social Workers, of which I am a registered member. 


Ongoing review occurs during sessions to best support your counselling goals and experience.  At the end of your counselling or after ten (10) sessions I would appreciate it if you would complete a survey which will be used to improve the service.  


If you have been satisfied with your counselling experience then please consider allowing feedback to be included on my Facebook page, Psychology Today site or Website.  Of course reviews will be confidential and de-identified. 

Third Party Consent

You may need or wish relevant information to be shared with others such as service providers or other professionals involved in your care.  Please complete and sign the form below if this is the case.


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